Today, many men suffer from an inferiority complex due to a small penis. This fact can significantly affect the quality of your sex life and mental health.

Fortunately, progress has not stood still and many opportunities have been created for penis enlargement without surgery. How to increase a member for free, we will find out in the article.

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Before you try to enlarge your penis, you need to decide on your own size. If the length of the penis is 14-18 cm and the diameter is 4-5 cm, then you should not worry. The problem is more of a psychological nature, as these norms are considered average.

in what ways can the penis be enlarged

Self-esteem is an important factor in sex. If there are restrictions, many ways to enlarge the penis have been invented. Although the opinion that only a large penis can satisfy a partner is a myth. We will learn how to increase the size of the genital organ with the help of modern devices.

There are several ways to add a few inches to an organ:

  1. weights;
  2. jelqing - exercises;
  3. massage;
  4. ointments, gels;
  5. pump;
  6. extension;
  7. folk remedies.


The purpose of all devices, and especially of exercises, is to give the body elasticity and increase the volume due to blood flow during erection. If you exercise regularly, the result will not make you wait several months.

Jelqing is a series of long manual exercises similar to milking a cow. This method appeared one of the first. With its help you can increase not only the length but also the volumes. Main advantages of medical nature:

  • allows you to quickly and efficiently fill the penis with blood;
  • removes stagnation.

The method is as follows: at constant pressure in the trunk of the organ microtrauma is formed. They heal effectively and new tissues are formed in place of the old ones, but in larger quantities.

First, boil the organ. In this case, a hot wet towel is applied to the penis. It wraps around the shaft of the penis and holds for a few minutes. This pre-workout warm-up increases blood flow to the body. The exercises themselves should be performed for 60 minutes every day. The member must be without an erection.


An ancient and effective technique that is still used in African tribes today. It consists of hanging a weight on the penis. The weight should be comfortable and light. You can hang several at once.

The load is able not only to lengthen the skin of the penis, but also to increase its diameter. Doctors say that with the help of devices can achieve significant skin stretching. This method does not affect the size of the penis itself.


The popular method for those wondering how to enlarge a member of the house is completely free. It does not require financial costs. With regular massage you can achieve penis enlargement with 5-7 cm in length and 2 cm in volume. The main advantages of the method:

  • increased potency;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • improves erection;
  • prolongs endurance during intercourse.

The first changes from a regular massage appear within a month, after three months you may notice an increase of 3-4 cm. Before the massage the penis should be warmed up. To do this, you can take a soft towel and a warm herbal decoction. Wrap the penis in a towel for a few minutes.

Folk remedies

Folk methods of enlarging the reproductive organ include the use of easily accessible components. You can prepare the medicine at home.

The following proven recipes are recommended:

  1. Soda.You will need sunflower oil and a soft sponge. After taking a hot shower, you should dry your penis with a towel. Anoint the entire length of the shaft of the penis with oil, apply a little soda on top. Rub baking soda with a sponge for a few minutes. You should get an increase of 0, 5 cm. The effect does not last long.
  2. Balm.Apply a little balm on the penis and massage for a few minutes. Important: Do not apply on sensitive skin.


Penis enlargement with herbs is a separate element. For these purposes it is recommended to use:

  1. Ginseng.Helps dilate blood vessels, increases blood flow to tissue cells, helps produce hormones, increases sperm velocity, improves sperm quality. Application: pour 20 g of dry grass with 200 ml of alcohol, leave to infuse for 5-7 days. Take 20 drops orally half an hour before meals. The course is 2 months.
  2. Ginkgo biloba.Increases the time of erection, increases the sensitivity of the penis, stretches the tissues of the penis. Application: Take a few drops of ginkgo biloba extract, adding to tea. The course is 2-3 months.
  3. Peruvian poppyis ​​a powerful aphrodisiac. Improves sperm quality, increases erection, increases sperm velocity. Application: Add 1 teaspoon of powder to boiling water, leave to infuse. Consume 100 ml 1 time a day before meals. The course is 2 months.

Ways to enlarge your penis yourself

If you regularly use one of the methods, then you can enlarge the genitals by 2-3 cm in a few months. Consider the rules for penis enlargement at home.

Jelqing Exercises

jelking exercises for penis enlargement

After warming the penis, you need to moisten it with a special lubricant or Vaseline. Bring the body to a state of erection by 50%. Grasp the penis with your thumb and forefinger closer to the base, squeeze and grasp the head of the penis. Repeat the movement of the arms up and down. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. Repeat the procedure for half an hour or an hour.

When jelqing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Sliding along the axis of the penis should be even. If you press harder on the head, it can lead to uneven penis enlargement;
  • should not ejaculate prematurely. The level of erection should remain within 50-70%;
  • should not be painful, although redness and blackheads may occur with regular exercise.

Complete the procedure by warming the organ. You can make a warm compress or take a shower, bath. Heat for 5 minutes.


Before attaching the weight, you need to do the rope exercise. To do this, you need to warm your hands and rub your penis as if rolling a rope. Weighing rules:

  • Wrap an elastic bandage around the penis 1 cm above the head to avoid injury while hanging.
  • Press on the head of the penis, drain the blood from it and screw the clamp to the penis.
  • Tie a weight strap attached to the penis with a string. The load must be on the surface.
  • Carefully get up and stand with the load for about 10-20 minutes.
  • After completing the exercise, you need to repeat the "Rope" and perform the steam procedure.

A weight of 1-3 kg or a plastic bottle filled with water can be used as a weight.

Important:It is forbidden to hang a weight on an upright penis. A member of the "weighing" procedure may acquire a bluish tinge. You don't have to be afraid, it will pass when the penis gets used to it. Increase weight gradually: start with 1 kg.

Extension cord

Extender is a penis enlargement trainer. Usage can be divided into several stages:

  1. adaptation - lasts 1, 5 months;
  2. main.
penis enlargement extender

Adaptation begins with a slight stretching of the penis and wearing the device for 5-6 hours a day. The first time you need to set the average level of stretching, gradually increasing.

Extender application rules:

  • First you need to understand how the gadget is attached. If you fix it incorrectly, then you may feel painful sensations. There must be a cushioning pad under the fastener. The extension cord is fixed at the base of the organ.
  • You can wear the device during the main period more than 6 hours a day or divide the time into parts - 2 hours with breaks.
  • At the end of the time, massage the penis.

Vacuum pump

Suitable method for men who love all kinds of things from the sex shop. The essence of the method is to apply a special suction cup on the penis. Thanks to the vacuum, the blood flow in the organ is stimulated, after which the suction cup is removed and the shaft of the penis is tightened at the base with a ring.

Interesting:The method is also used in official medicine for the treatment of erectile pathologies.

You can wear the ring for half an hour. Then you have to take it off and massage the penis with steam.

Ointments and sprays

One of the most effective methods for penis enlargement are ointments, gels, sprays and creams. They contain a special composition that allows you to increase the "dignity" by 4-5 cm within a month. Before buying a drug at a pharmacy or from an official supplier, you should carefully study the composition. If all the ingredients are natural, then you can buy the product and experiment on yourself. Ointments and sprays that contain chemicals are not safe to use.

The tools affect the following processes:

  1. improve blood circulation;
  2. enrich cells with nutrients;
  3. affect sexual desire;
  4. increase in erection;
  5. increase the length and diameter of the penis.

How to use: Apply the product on the penis and rub with massage movements until completely absorbed. Use once a day. Rinse your hands thoroughly. The course is 2 months (depending on the drug). Carefully read the instructions before use.

Regardless of the penis enlargement method you choose, you need to monitor the condition of your penis. If there is pain, pathological processes have begun, it is advisable to take a break or completely abandon the procedure. I hope the article has helped answer the question: how to enlarge the penis at home for free.