26 ways to enlarge your penis

how to enlarge a member

There are many ways to mutilate a man's penis. Fast, long, expensive and even free. But almost all of them can be harmful, like almost any intervention in the body. Foods, gels and creams may be considered the safest, but you should definitely check for allergies. To do this, you can spread it on any part of the skin and wait. And also exercises.

Be sure to consult doctors and sexologists.

Introductory part

All methods are arranged in descending order of efficiency. First, there are 3 most effective methods: creams and gels, pumps, extensions. Free methods are further analyzed. After all, a little about surgical methods.

The size of the penis directly affects a man's confidence. Despite the fact that many women's representatives say otherwise. The small size of the penis negatively affects the psychological state of the man. Activity decreases, self-esteem is lost, dating a girl becomes a problem. Sex life depends on this factor.

And if a man encounters this problem, he starts looking for different ways to enlarge his penis. There are various methods that can be used at home: exercises, weights, gels, attachments, etc. The exception is surgery.


The male is trying to solve the problem with a small penis. You can zoom in quickly, but this method does not always give the desired result.

Some believe that a large body can make them "alpha male. "But in fact, a brutal look can only create a person's character. In terms of sex life, experience and the ability to behave properly with a girl are important here. Having a large "celentano" does not mean the ability to own it.

Another misconception is the fact that the size of the body parts determines the size of the penis. The size of male dignity begins to take shape at the genetic level. And the presence of a large nose or ears has nothing to do with the size of the penis.

Obesity affects the contraction of the penis. This is a complete lie and being overweight does not affect size. In proportions of high weight and penis, it can only look visually smaller. Obesity only negatively affects the functioning of the organ, such as the speed of erection or difficulty conceiving.


drugs for penis enlargement


  • Availability.
  • You can also use medicines at home.
  • Some manufacturers do not make high prices for funds;
  • Efficiency. Encourage penis enlargement up to 1-2 centimeters;
  • Quick effect. It takes effect after 5 minutes.


  • You can come across counterfeit drugs on the Internet. Therefore, shopping is recommended in reliable stores or sex shops
  • Preparations are selected individually.

Creams, gels, sprays

The product should be rubbed into the penis before sex. Gels, creams and sprays contain guarana, camphor, arginine and other elements. They help make an erection stronger. Sexual intercourse becomes longer. The phallus is made thicker and longer. In order to have a cumulative effect, these agents must be applied continuously.


The tablets contain herbal ingredients. They are able to stimulate blood circulation in the penis. There are no side effects and they are not harmful to health. Medications on all sides are effective, the penis can be lengthened independently, as well as changes in thickness. Potency is not violated.


Most often these are drugs that contain hormones. They stimulate testosterone production in men and increase muscle tissue. The blood circulation in the penis increases, thus stimulating potency. Before taking, you should carefully read the instructions to avoid side effects or addiction.

nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements. They can be compared to a vitamin complex. They stimulate masculinity, making it soft and supple. They are taken in combination, as they are enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Penis enlargement devices


penis pumps

To enlarge your penis in 5 minutes, you will need different pumps. The vacuum pump is an excellent tool for increasing the size. Helps maintain an erection. The pump creates a vacuum inside which the blood circulation is stimulated. The effect usually disappears after an hour. But with regular and proper use, the effect lasts forever.

It is not difficult to use the pump in vacuum devices. To do this, the phallus must be smeared with cream and inserted into the cylinder. The air is pumped and a vacuum is created. It has an effect of pressure on the genital organ. The blood circulation guarantees an increase in the size of the male penis in just 5 minutes.

Important! You need to familiarize yourself with the device, as it may not be suitable for everyone. You should buy devices only in specialized places. It is better to consult a specialist beforehand.


  • Availability.
  • You can use the pump at home. Increases the duration of the erection;
  • Efficiency. Enlarges the penis to 1-2 centimeters;
  • Quick effect. It takes effect after 5 minutes.

Minus: if used incorrectly, it can damage the body.

Extension cord

Another way to increase your masculinity in a week. The extensions are: vacuum, loop, belt. The cheapest is with cycles, but also the most inconvenient. The extension is used to stretch the phallus. The result is not immediate, but if you use the wrong extension device, it may affect potency. Maximum use up to 2 hours a day.

penis extender


  • Availability. You can use the pump at home. Increases the duration of the erection;
  • Efficiency. Enlarges the penis to 1-2 centimeters;
  • Quick effect. It takes effect after 5 minutes.

Minus: if used incorrectly, it can damage the body.


With the help of special attachments you can enlarge your penis. The effect will be short-lived, but it is one of the safest methods. The nozzles are of open or closed type. Suitable for long-term use of phallus enlargement. To increase the length, it is better to use a closed type. It is advisable to buy silicone or latex tips. The device must be used for several hours to achieve the effect.


Designed to stretch the phallus. The penis is fixed in an extended position with a stretcher. Most importantly, you must use the device carefully here so as not to cause injury.

Hanging loads

suspension weights for member

One of the most common ways. But this method has a disadvantage - it is a traumatic type of augmentation. The length increases due to the impact on the connections of the corpora cavernosa. Weights help to pull the body. Penis enlargement occurs with 1, 5-2 centimeters per week. This method can be traumatic. How to use:

  • Warm the phallus;
  • Apply plaster;
  • Stop a small load.

Stay loaded for about half an hour. If a noticeable tingling sensation begins, then the load must be removed.


To enlarge your penis, you can use specific exercises. This type of enlargement is ideal for those who suffer from allergies or do not want to use additional devices.


  • Availability. It can be made at home. No purchase or use of additional devices is required;
  • Efficiency. Enlarges the penis to 1 centimeter;
  • Quick effect. The effect can be achieved quickly in 10 minutes.


  • It can be unpleasant;
  • To achieve a lasting effect, you need to do these exercises constantly so that the penis is enlarged.


Bring the penis to a slight arousal and warm it up a bit. In this state it will be elastic. To warm up, you can use hot salt bags that are applied to the penis. Use lubricant and run your fingers around the penis. Then move up and down to the head. The jelking exercise is performed 40 times. Then grab the rest with the other hand, squeeze it a little for 10 seconds. Then start pulling it in different directions. The number of times should be gradually increased to 200. Classes should be regular, at least a month.

Julia's method

The penis is warmed with a bag of salt or exercise. The phallus is then stretched, fixing for a few seconds. It is enough to perform this method for 5 minutes. You can put a bag between the kits to keep the penis cool. Then go to the Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercises

To do Kegel exercises properly, you need to understand how muscles work. Stop the flow while urinating. Place your two fingers (forefinger and middle finger) on the area between the scrotum and the anus. This is how the pelvic floor muscles work.

Kegel exercise should be done up to 3 times a day. When urinating, stop the jet 3 times. During the day, reduce the muscles to 20 approaches. If it is difficult to do it while standing at first, then you can start lying down, then sitting, and only then do it in full growth.

When the exercises are easy to perform, you can delay the contractions by up to 5 seconds. This usually happens a month after the start of training. Also gradually increase the repetition.

Moving to the next level is possible for those who have managed to fully prepare their muscles and do not experience pain or discomfort during the execution. It can be complicated up to a minute. Repetitions should be done a maximum of 3 times.

In an upright position, it is recommended to reduce the penis approximately 20-30 times. If the workout is easy, then you can help with the complication with a towel. You need to attach it to your penis and lift your body with it.


The most common way to enlarge the reproductive organ. You need to grab his head and start pulling him forward. You need to do it several times at different angles. The increase in exposure must be done in stages. The exercise should be performed for at least 10 minutes to get an effective result.


First, the penis must be brought to a semi-upright position. Then you have to take it and start pulling it down, and then back. Then the man should sit on the body. Exercise helps to change the volume of the penis and its length.


The penis should be of medium erection. It will have to bend in all directions. The main thing is that there is no discomfort and pain.


The base of the penis in a semi-upright position should be wrapped with an elastic bandage and fixed. Hold in this state for 1 minute and then unroll. Do the exercise once a day. The time should be gradually increased.

Taoist Exercises

Here you need to combine breathing practice with meditation. The exercise begins with straightening and placing the feet shoulder-width apart. With the middle finger you should press the depression in the skull and massage in a circle. Watch your breathing. Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale calmly through the mouth. Retract the pelvic floor muscles for 10-15 seconds. One approach is 21 times.

Penis enlargement with folk remedies

folk remedies for penis enlargement


  • Availability. It does not require large investments of funds; The funds can be used at home. Do not harm your health;
  • Efficiency. Enlarges the penis to 1 centimeter.


  • Some men may have an allergic reaction.
  • Not the fastest way to enlarge and thicken.

Herbs or spices

With regular use of tinctures, decoctions or spices inside, the phallus tends to gain extra inches.

  • Wormwood decoction. Cook wormwood for 10 minutes (5 grams of seeds). Once the broth has cooled, remove the seeds through a sieve. Drink 100 ml every day, 2 times a day.
  • Garlic tincture. Take 250 ml of alcohol and insist 200 g of garlic in it. Garlic can be pre-kneaded. Close the jar with a lid for 10 days. Consume 25 drops in the morning and evening.

Herbal medicines

The products are used for external use. One of the most common ways is aloe juice. It must be squeezed from the leaves and the whole organ wiped completely.


Controversial enough to enlarge the penis. Here are some ways. But we really do not recommend using.

  • Soda. One of the cheapest ways to enlarge your penis is also natural.
  • Soda compresses. You need to take soda and honey. Stir together and apply on the base of the penis, except for the glans.
  • Soda baths. The phallus improves blood circulation. It is recommended to be performed before sexual intercourse in an upright position.
  • Scrub with soda. Affects the increase in size. You should rub after a warm shower and then apply a moisturizer on the skin of the body.
  • Soda massage. Apply massage oil on the entire penis and massage with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Allow the genitals to nourish for 2 minutes and then wash off the oil. Give time for a massage at least once a week.


nutrition for penis enlargement


  • Availability. These products can be consumed every day;
  • Efficiency. The penis can be enlarged to 0, 5 centimeters.


  • Some foods may be allergic;
  • The slowest and smoothest extension method.

The slowest way to change the size of your penis is to eat certain foods. The effect is achieved for a long time.

  • Watermelon. The components that make up AV increase blood circulation inside the corpus cavernosum of the penis.
  • Protein. Protein affects testosterone levels in men. It also contributes to the growth of muscle tissue.
  • Nuts, seeds. They increase testosterone levels in the body.
  • Greens. Improves health, boosts immunity and also raises testosterone levels.
  • Seafood. They are considered a good aphrodisiac. Increases men's sexual ability.

How to enlarge the penis with surgery

Many men use plastic surgery or phalloplasty. This technique can achieve results in length and width. The main thing is to consult a highly qualified doctor.


  • Availability. These procedures can only be performed in a medical facility;
  • Efficiency. Enlarges the penis up to 5 centimeters;
  • Quick effect. The effect is immediate.


  • Patients are undergoing rehabilitation;
  • Financial component;
  • There are contraindications.

Enlargement with implants

penis enlargement with implants

If a man has a problem with erectile dysfunction, he may be indicated for a penis prosthesis. The prosthesis is chosen individually. Of the newest models, the most modern are inflatable and hydraulic prostheses. An important condition, they are introduced into the interior of the organ and they begin to perform their functions, increasing the volume of the phallus.

Penis enlargement by injection

There are two types of injections. The first type is the introduction of its own adipose tissue into the genitals (lipolifting), distributing it throughout the trunk. The fastest and easiest method. Rehabilitation after the procedure is 2-3 days. This is one of the safest ways. The second type is hyaluronic acid. The gel fills the empty space. The average length increases to 2 centimeters.


An operation that enlarges the penis is called a ligamentotomy. The supporting ligament is transected with a laser. The length of the organ increases to 5 centimeters. The surgery takes up to 15 minutes.


One can choose one of the above methods. You can choose a security method as well as a wallet. In fact, there are very few men who have genital problems. This is approximately 7% worldwide.

No advertised drug or drug can give a long-term effect in 5 minutes. To achieve the desired result, you must constantly work on it.