Penis enlargement surgery

If a man is not happy with the length of his penis, then he is wondering how to enlarge his penis with the help of surgery. Modern surgical techniques correct this situation. There are several options for today.

penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery

The average size of the penis in men varies from 12 to 15 cm in erect length, and the average diameter is 3. 5 cm.

In the absence of an erection, the size of each man is individual and there is a big difference in the difference between a relaxed and an erect state.

Some situations related to genetics or hormonal disorders lead to a condition such as micropenis. Peyronie's disease or surgery to treat prostate cancer also has a negative effect on penis size.

According to statistics, a larger number of men who are planning or have already undergone penis enlargement surgery are of medium size without abnormalities.

The reasons for dissatisfaction are:

  • feeling that the length and thickness are smaller than those of other members of the stronger sex;
  • the assessment is not objective due to the fact that attention is paid to the genital organ from top to bottom and given that there may be overweight or bulging abdomen, in such an examination the organ will visually look smaller;
  • mental disorders that remain even after the actions taken;
  • thinks that the owner is not able to satisfy the woman.


Penis enlargement surgery tool

Manipulative methods to lengthen the penis and increase the circumference of the flow have been available since 1991. Given that technology is evolving and medicine has made great strides, it is still impossible to predict effectiveness with a 100% guarantee and evaluate alltypes of risks.

An indication for surgery is considered to be a penis size below 10 cm in an erect state. The necessary method of operation will be chosen by the surgeon, based on the individuality of the patient's body and his desires.

Before you decide to use the radical method, it is worth first trying to enlarge the penis at home. For this, men's massage techniques, special creams, etc. are used.

But if home techniques have not given the desired result, you should carefully study the methods of surgical intervention. After all, if there are no contraindications and there are funds, you can always do the manipulation.


ligamentotomy for penis enlargement

One of the most effective and common ways to increase the duration of masculinity through surgery is ligamentotomy. The operation itself consists in releasing the inside of the organ to the outside.

This happens after crossing the area of the ligaments that hold the penis in the perineal area. It turns out that the body itself does not change in size. Just the invisible part comes out, which visually makes the penis longer. This manipulation increases the length of the penis by 3-5 cm. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

There is also a combined method in which, in addition to the operation, the wearing of an extender is also prescribed.

The dilator is a device aimed at lengthening the corpora cavernosa, but should be worn for half a year or more. Used one week after the action. Overall, the result is improving. There are cases when after the combined approach the penis increases by more than 7 cm.


phalloplasty for penis enlargement

Another type of plastic surgery aimed at changing the size of the penis is phalloplasty. This is a complex surgical procedure that corrects the patient's penis. There are two types: full plastic and partial plastic.

During the operation, skin grafts are used by the same patient who underwent the intervention. Parts of the skin are carried by different parts of the body.

It is difficult to recreate a new and functioning urethra. The recovery process uses valves from the forearm or back. There are methods using dentures.

With the help of microsurgery, new methods are emerging, thanks to which the tasks related to the restoration of male dignity are most effectively solved.

When is phalloplasty used?

penis enlargement surgery

Before the procedure, you should pay attention to the pros and cons in each case to assess the consequences of this radical method.

This operation is performed when:

  • hypospadias - a disorder of the development of the phallus;
  • oncology in which removal is indicated;
  • with increasing length and thickness;
  • in case of injuries;
  • when changing gender.

Conceived phalloplasty is indicated for vital indications. The goals of the operation are to restore urinary function and restore the ability to have sex.

The procedure itself is complicated. The results and consequences are highly dependent on the experience of specialists.

The first step is to move the corpora cavernosa to the area where they should be in a healthy person. Defects of the skin during this procedure are closed with a valve from different parts of the body.

Types of penis thickening surgery

injectable penis enlargement

The thin penis turns out to be an even bigger problem than the short one. So visually it looks shorter, and women feel less pleasure from intimacy. There are several ways to increase the circumference of the penis through surgery.

Phallus thickening methods:

  1. Gels are injected into the penis. The manipulation is fast, local anesthesia is used to perform it. The rehabilitation period takes several days. But after a year it is necessary to perform this procedure again.
  2. Adipose tissue is injected under the skin of male dignity, 70% of which is transplanted.
  3. It also introduces a biocollagen matrix, which puts pressure on the corpora cavernosa. The diameter increases under pressure.
  4. Under the skin of the penis, around the corpora cavernosa, the abdominal muscle becomes difficult. This is a complicated and expensive operation, but the tissue takes root quickly and the result of the operation is 100%.

Operational risks and costs

a wrench depicts impotence after penis enlargement

Before making such a radical decision, doctors recommend that you consider all kinds of risks. The most common are:

  • the onset of infection;
  • injury to nerve endings;
  • scarring.

Thickening of the penis can cause unevenness on the surface of the penis, distorting the shape. Transplanted elements and tissues are not accepted by the body. In exceptional cases, complications are fatal.

Any man who is thinking about enlarging his penis with the help of surgery will be interested in the question of how much it costs to perform this procedure.

The price depends on the type of action, the price of the materials used, the level of the medical center and the qualification of the surgeon.


If we study the feedback from clients who describe the amount of dignity before and after surgery, we can conclude that the result of such an intervention is really impressive.

With this method, it is really possible to increase the penis by a few centimeters. Mentally healthy men are happy with the result of the operation, their self-esteem has increased and as a result their sex life has improved.