How to increase the size of the head of the penis - proven methods and tools

ruler to measure the head of the penis before enlargement

Many men are involved in enlarging the reproductive organ. Whatever the size of the head of the penis, every member of the stronger sex wants to make it even bigger.

It is believed that the larger the head of the penis, the brighter the sensation during intercourse. There are many ways to change the size of the penis, both simple and cheap, and highly effective and expensive.

If a man asks the surgeon to enlarge the head, but at the same time the size of the phallus and the head meet the standards, he will be denied the procedure. In addition, such a patient may be referred for consultation with a sexologist, psychiatrist or psychologist.

Normal size of the male genitalia

The normal length of an erect penis in Caucasians is on average 16 cm. The optimal diameter of the head is 4 cm.

man points the head of the penis before enlarging

If the thickness of the head is 3-4 cm, then there is absolutely no need to increase. The measurements are performed in a calm environment with the penis erect.

Men with a normal penis size need to think a hundred times about whether they really need to engage in enlargement activities.

  • A large penis with a large head, of course, is a cause for pride.
  • But you need to understand that a giant organ during intercourse can deliver unpleasant, even painful sensations to a woman.

Medical experts recommend that you engage in head augmentation only if it is really unnaturally small. A man with a small end of the penis suffers not only from physiological but also from psychological problems, develops an inferiority complex.

The best methods for enlarging the head of the reproductive organ

Some men are happy with the length of the penis, but not happy with the thickness of the head. In this situation, methods should be used that allow to increase not the entire shaft of the penis, but only its end.

penis enlargement surgery

It should be noted that many men and women consider the length of the male reproductive organ to be an insignificant parameter. According to them, during an intimate act, only the thickness of the head is important, it depends on the degree of sexual pleasure. To increase the size of the head, you can apply the following methods:

  • operation;
  • the introduction of the gel;
  • exercises;
  • oral medications;
  • devices with massage effect;
  • external drugs.

You should consult your healthcare professional before proceeding with any of the above methods. The doctor will help you choose the optimal method of augmentation, will warn the patient about the risks and possible negative consequences, will discourage augmentation procedures if there are contraindications.

Matrix mounting operation

Currently, the installation of a matrix is the most used method for enlarging the glans penis. During the operation, a special device is placed between the head and the cavernous bodies of the trunk - an increasing matrix. This device is a kind of base on which the tissues of the head are slowly stretched.

The installation of a matrix is a complete surgical intervention, which, like any operation, can lead to complications and negative consequences. If the operation fails, the patient may even lose part of the reproductive organ.

The operation is dangerous and extremely risky, often unsuccessful, but it is very popular among men who want to change the size of the head of their dignity.

Enlargement of the head by introducing a gel

penis enlargement injection

The most harmless option for enlarging the glans penis is the introduction of a gel based on hyaluronic acid.

This acid does not cause allergies, is not rejected by human tissues. The substance is synthesized in the human body, therefore it is not foreign.

The method is minimally invasive: the active substance is injected with a needle. The procedure is virtually painless and rarely causes discomfort.

The introduction of the gel is performed when the penis is in a relaxed state, the procedure should be performed by a medical professional.

As hyaluronic acid tends to gradually dissolve in the tissues, the procedure should be repeated every year.

  • Before administering the gel, the patient should undergo tests to rule out contraindications. The doctor treats the foreskin with an antiseptic solution, then injects an anesthetic under the skin.
  • The gel is injected between the sheath and the internal tissues of the head and trunk and is distributed evenly under the skin of the penis with gentle and gentle movements.
  • After the procedure, the sheath of the penis is again treated with antiseptic, the head is closed with the foreskin.
  • The gel with hyaluronic acid is good because it sticks evenly under the skin and does not accumulate in one place. After the procedure the head does not lose its natural appearance, it becomes more voluminous and elastic.

It is forbidden to enlarge the head with gel for men with inflammatory pathologies of the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts, too long and tight foreskin, which does not allow the head to be completely exposed.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and lasts less than 30 minutes. Complications are not usually observed. Sometimes there is a slight swelling of the tissues of the penis, but it is easy to deal with herbal baths and antibiotics.

Exercises to enlarge the head of the penis

A good option for enlarging the head of the penis at home is to perform special exercises. The most popular technique is jelqing, ie milking. A man massages his penis with his hands, making movements, as when milking a cow.

Before the lesson, the genitals should be brought to full excitement. The man then presses the handle of the penis with his fingers at the base, carefully and carefully, trying not to provoke pain, runs his hand from the base to the head. As a result of the exercise, blood rushes to the end of the penis, causing the head to enlarge.

Enlargement of the glans penis with drugs

penis enlargement pills

Hormones can be taken to enlarge the head and shaft of the penis.

Doctors usually prescribe medicines to patients in the form of tablets or capsules, which must be taken for several months.

But it should be noted that hormonal agents are rarely used to increase the reproductive organ.

The fact is that these drugs have many disadvantages: they are expensive, powerful, adversely affect the body and give a large number of side effects.

You can take these drugs only with a doctor's prescription, carefully observing the dosage and duration of the course.

Use of devices with massage effect

Devices with a massage effect - vacuum pumps and extenders - are often used to enlarge the head of the penis.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

These devices allow not only to increase the glans, but also to lengthen and thicken the shaft of the penis. Magnifying devices are convenient, efficient and easy to use.

The vacuum pump gives an instant and impressive, but short-lived result. Therefore, it should be used immediately before intimate intercourse.

  • The positive effect of using the pump disappears after a few hours, so this device is not suitable for men who want to enlarge the head of the penis once and for all.
  • The dilator is an orthopedic device that works slowly but efficiently. The dilator can enlarge the penis for a long time, but it must be worn regularly, following the instructions carefully.

External penis enlargement

The lubricant has a good increasing effect. It belongs to the long-acting drugs, you can use it all the time. The gel helps not only to increase male dignity, but also to improve erectile function, increase sexual activity. The preparation contains extremely natural ingredients.

  1. Peruvian poppy. It is a natural restorer of potency.
  2. thorn. Stimulates testosterone synthesis in the body.
  3. Mountain girl. It is a natural aphrodisiac, has a stimulating effect.
  4. Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids. Helps stretch the tissues of the penis.
  5. Elastin. Strengthens the sensitivity of the penis, increases the elasticity of the trunk tissue.

The manufacturer claims that after one month of using the gel, the length of the penis will increase by 4 - 5 cm, the head will become more voluminous and sexual abilities will improve.

Penis enlargement cream

This is a popular lubricant with a strengthening effect. The drug not only changes the size of the penis, but also improves erectile function, improves the quality of sexual intercourse. The cream is the best way to increase the duration of an erection. The preparation contains effective and safe components.

  1. Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids. Accelerate the proliferation of the penis.
  2. Collagen and elastin. Give firmness and elasticity to the tissues of the penis.
  3. Triethanolamine. Promotes prolonged intercourse, increased orgasm.

The manufacturer assures that after a month of using the cream the penis will increase by 3 - 5 cm. In order not to encounter counterfeiting, you should buy the drug only on the official website of the manufacturer. According to reviews, men are satisfied with this certified cream.

You need to understand that none of the above methods for enlarging the head of the penis is completely safe. After applying the matrix, inflammation, rejection and suppuration can begin, which leads to gangrene. In this situation, the surgeon will have to cut off the head of the penis.

Exercises, extenders and vacuum pumps are quite traumatic. And hormonal drugs have many side effects. Therefore, doctors do not recommend penis enlargement unless absolutely necessary.