How often should you use and how to properly use the penis enlargement pump?

An excellent preventive measure against reducing potency is a penis enlargement pump.

Increasing the degree of potency through the pump is done through constant training.

This potentiates the increase in blood supply to the body during intercourse, which increases the thickness of the penis and improves vascular tone.

Instructions for using the penis enlargement pump

Many readers do not believe in the efficiency of the pump. That's why we published this material to talk about whether the penis pump is really increasing.

With air pump

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The air pump is used for 20 minutes. Trauma to the penis is likely with prolonged use.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Before starting the manipulation, the ring should be pulled over the base of the bulb, when an erection is achieved, the ring should be moved to the root of the penis (the ring is needed to pinch the penis, resisting blood flow so that the penishas been in an erect state for a long time).
  2. It is necessary to pump all the air from the pump to create a zone of reduced pressure around the penis (therefore this action ensures blood flow to the penis).
  3. In most models it is necessary to press the valve next to the bulb so that air can enter the pump and reduce the negative pressure.
  4. reference. . . There are models of different types in which it is necessary to open the opening of the flask, which is closed with a finger during the manipulation.

  5. It is necessary to pull an elastic ring on the root of the penis after reaching the maximum possible erection with the help of a vacuum pump.

With hydraulic pump

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Now we offer you to read the instructions for use:

  1. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to fill the tub with warm water so that the water level reaches the man's waist;
  2. Then you need to soak in water for 5 minutes to bring the scrotum to a relaxed state; the use of a pump without prior release is not recommended;
  3. After five minutes of relaxation, it is possible to use a pump, so you must completely submerge it;
  4. Then immerse the penis in the pump flask;
  5. It is necessary to make sure that the round area on the edge of the elastic ring is tightly attached to the scrotum (compliance with this condition will reduce the pressure on the scrotum area).
  6. Help.Adherence to the above requirements is necessary to prevent injuries and create comfort

  7. Then you have to make pendulum movements until a vacuum is created;
  8. In case the manipulation is accompanied by discomfort, the excess water must be released through the valve, which is located at the top of the pump;
  9. Most often you have to pump up to 5 times until all the excess liquid has been drained.

attention. When it becomes clear that the air is being pumped to the limit, you must stop using the pump and relax for five minutes. If a reduction in the degree of vacuum is felt, the desired level must be reached again by pressing the pump. The decrease in pressure inside the bulb decreases due to the increase in the penis, the organ increases in size, displacing air.

How often should you use it?

water pump for penis enlargement

In order to achieve a lasting result, it is necessary to perform the exercises correctly and regularly. The following training scheme is offered:

  • during the first week, one workout is performed for ten minutes;
  • during the second week, one workout is performed for fifteen minutes;
  • in the third week, two workouts are performed in ten minutes;
  • in the fourth week, two workouts are performed in fifteen minutes;
  • In the fifth week there is a 20-minute workout in the morning and a 10-minute evening;
  • in the sixth week, two twenty-minute workouts are performed;
  • in the seventh week, three thirty-minute workouts are performed.

Help.When planning several workouts during the day, the interval between them should be more than an hour. It is necessary to use a vacuum pump to achieve the desired result and then maintain.

When not recommended?

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The vacuum pump is not recommended for people at high risk of bleeding, such as haemophilia.

The use of pharmacological drugs with a blood-thinning effect (thrombolytics, acetylsalicylic acid) is also a contraindication to the use of the pump.

The use of this device is not recommended for men suffering from congenital hemodynamic disorders.

In the presence of such pathology as priapism (painful erection that does not correlate with arousal), the use of a pump will lead to increased pain.

Important.To prevent possible complications, it is advisable to consult a urologist, especially in the presence of the above pathologies and the constant intake of any drugs.


Vacuum pump to increase the size of the male penis with regular exercise gives good results. This effect is achieved by increasing blood flow to the organ. However, this device is not a panacea for all men, there are a number of contraindications to its use.

To solve the problem with the use of the pump, you should consult a specialist.