effective methods for penis enlargement

The issue of penis enlargement is quite acute for some men. Under pressure from stereotypes and public opinion, they are convinced that their penis is said to be not big enough to satisfy girls. Someone refuses. Others are looking for ways to enlarge their penis. And he faces mixed reviews for each of the procedures. Do they really work?

A huge number of experts had to be contacted for this answer. The results of this study will not be very encouraging for those who want a quick, easy and safe result. Can I increase it? Yes. But there are only a few working options.

To begin with, it is worth determining which of the most popular and affordable procedures to increase the "dignity" of men really do the job. Various "folk" methods may not even be considered - their effectiveness has not been confirmed by any research. But there is also an option with a special penis massage.

Method one - penis massage

It is believed that with the help of penis massage it is possible to achieve a slight increase. People who promote this idea also promote in the masses a huge number of courses, techniques, exercises that allow men in just a few months, according to them, to significantly increase the length and circumference of their penis in an erect state. It sounds very tempting and at first glance it is very simple. Therefore, this method is especially popular among men, as they are confident that with the help of these exercises they can increase the length and circumference of their penis at home.

It's fair to say that this method works. But not always and not as much as traders claim. The fact is that penis massage can help to restore the blood supply to the vessels, improve it, which will lead to the restoration (rather than improvement) of potency and a slight increase in the penis due to vasodilation.

penis enlargement massage

This effect does not last very long and is very difficult to notice with the naked eye. Therefore, men are likely to be disappointed and not notice any results. Even long workouts do not lead to progress in penis enlargement.

In addition, such techniques have many contraindications. For example, it is very discouraging to perform such a massage for people suffering from problems with blood pressure and cardiovascular system. Also, do not resort to massage if a person has congenital problems with blood vessels or the risk of blood clots. Ignoring this can lead to the fact that the man will develop serious pathologies that cannot be cured without surgery.

Method two - stretching the penis

You can find information on the Internet about this method of penis enlargement as a special technique for stretching it. According to the author of articles and courses that offer this method to men who are looking for how to enlarge a man's penis, these exercises are simple and incredibly effective. What else can you expect from advertising a dubious product?

In some cases, even concrete results are promised - from 3 to 5 centimeters with regular training. They even create special kits with "equipment" for these exercises. People are serious in this business, what could go wrong? The process is carried out by hanging different weights on the penis, which constantly keep it in tension. This leads to the fact that the tissues of this organ stretch and deform, really increasing in size.

However, this method of enlarging the male genitalia is considered the most dangerous of those that a man can try on his own. During such stretching, the protein bodies are almost guaranteed to receive serious injuries that lead to circulatory disorders in the penis, erection problems and scarring. The 3 cm increase is, of course, tempting, but is it worth the risk?

stretching the penis for enlargement

Doctors strictly forbid patients to use this technique. In case of carelessness it is very easy to harm your body.

But many men are fascinated by the fact that doctors do not deny the possibility of really enlarging the penis in this way. And they decide to take this step, thinking that nothing will happen to them. As you can guess, only a few manage to avoid negative consequences.

Method three - hormone therapy

There is also a way to enlarge the penis by taking hormonal drugs. It must be said at once that this does not work. Traditionally, this therapy is performed by taking testosterone or its substitutes to artificially stimulate the growth of the penis with the help of natural hormones. It would work if this hormone really affected the growth of the penis. Testosterone only affects a man's potency, not the physical size of his "instrument. "This misconception leads to the fact that many men destroy their health with hormonal drugs in pursuit of the illusion that is instilled in them through unfair advertising.

Taking drugs that affect the hormonal balance in the body is a very big risk for everyone. Because each of the hormones has an incredibly huge effect on certain aspects of a person's life and body function, disturbing this balance leads to a complex disorder of all systems. The psyche, immunity, digestion and many others suffer.

An adequate doctor will definitely discourage a man from taking these drugs for such a dubious purpose as penis enlargement. And without consulting a doctor, in any case you should not take hormonal drugs. It turns out that almost everyone will face a direct warning about the seriousness of such drugs. And then everything will depend only on his reason and adequacy.

Method four - special creams

ways to enlarge the penis

The first really adequate, relatively safe and working penis enlargement product are creams. A huge number of them are produced under different brands, but they all work on the same principle. During the application of the cream on the penis are absorbed substances that stimulate vasodilation, improve blood flow and increase blood pressure in this area.

This means that for a while, thanks to the creams, the penis can become thicker. But this effect is so small that few people notice it during intercourse. Visually, the penis will look larger by a maximum of one and a half centimeters. Almost nothing discourages men from using this drug. After all, it is simple, cheap and affordable for everyone. Sometimes there are even combined lubricating creams that are used instead of lubricants. But this is rare.

However, this tool has its drawbacks. The most important of these is the composition, which is often incomprehensible and potentially dangerous to the body. These products contain a wide variety of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or other health problems. It is advisable to buy only creams that are as "clean" of chemicals as possible. It would also be a good idea to consult your doctor about such medications.

Fifth method - vacuum pump

The good news is that it's safe and quite effective. First, men can do virtually no harm while using them (unless they suddenly decide to fight each other with these pumps). Secondly, regular exercise can give a really noticeable effect - increase the penis by about 2, 5-3, 5 centimeters in length and 1 centimeter thick. The results are quite decent for such a harmless and easy to use device.

However, the use of a pump has its quirks and drawbacks. Of course, it can be used alone, but only if the man is consulted with a specialist (andrologist), who will confirm the safety and appropriateness of the use of this device by a particular patient. However, there is a risk of "overdoing" and damaging the mucous membranes and thin vessels in your penis. You should treat this activity with the utmost care and responsibility, even if everyone says it is safe.

Method Six - Attach the Penis

penis enlargement attachments

Quite specific, but probably the safest and most effective way to enlarge your penis. This may not suit someone, but among all the other methods, he is the one who can give the most striking result. It is done with the help of various penis attachments that can be purchased at sex shops. They are needed to increase the size of the "dignity", to give it some unusual shape, texture and color. And also in order to enhance the feeling of sex for both partners.

Modern models boast that they are equipped with mini-vibrators built into the silicone body. This sex toy will allow both the man and his partner to get several times more pleasure from sexual intercourse. Of course, after removing this toy, the penis will again be the same size as it was, but if you think about it, which of the other means gives a more lasting and effective result?

The two main disadvantages of this method of penis enlargement are morale and cost. The first prevents men from using it because of some of their own worries, experiences or stereotypes. The second question is much clearer - it can be difficult to buy a high quality toy due to the impressive price of such a product.

Seventh method - surgery

None of the penis enlargement lists are complete without this radical method. How to enlarge your penis? It is very easy to go to the surgeon. The result is simply indisputable and surpasses all others in its effectiveness. But the risks also outweigh any other. In the event of a failed operation, the probability of which is small but still exists, the man may completely lose the opportunity for sex. If a person who turns to doctors with such a desire is satisfied with all this, then he has several choices.

The first is prosthetics. It is not usually held for everyone. Surgeons resort to it only if the man's genitals have suffered a serious physical injury and otherwise it will not be possible to restore his ability to stand up. This operation is very difficult, so it will not be easy to find a sufficiently qualified specialist. And the price can alienate many people. Therefore, you should contact her only as a last resort.

surgical methods for penis enlargement

The second is a very aggressive and unpleasant dissection technique. During this operation, the penis is lengthened by cutting the ligaments that hold it in the pubic area. Which leads to the fact that the corpus cavernosum falls slightly forward, thus visually enlarging the penis by a few centimeters. Although in reality he just moves forward, but that's enough for men. This is also a very risky operation, although not as difficult as prosthetics. And the third is the plastic of the frenum of the penis. The most harmless, cheap and moderately effective way to lengthen the penis with the help of surgeons.

It turns out that men who are serious about enlarging their reproductive organs have nothing to choose from. Either a weak and temporary effect, or a risk to health and potency. Doctors often recommend that patients who want to enlarge their penis seek help not from surgeons but from psychologists. They are much more effective than any other doctor at helping a man with his problem regarding the size of his penis.

After all, the whole problem lies in the male brain, which has been taught that the parameters of his penis are unsatisfactory for girls. This is nonsense and fraud. It is enough to talk to the women themselves and look at the results of research in this area. Then it will become clear that you do not need to enlarge your penis - there is no practical need for this. And the risks that a man will face in the process are too great.