Penis enlargement methods

Find out below about effective ways to enlarge your penis.

a man looks at the penis and wants to enlarge it

1. Extension cords

The maximum result is unknown, as the final result directly depends on the duration of use and the quality of training. The result of using an extender is from 1 to 3 cm. The reason for penis enlargement is tightening of the penis ligament, increasing the number of cells in the tissue of the penis. The result of penis enlargement depends on age, diet, rest and, of course, the type of extender and the time of training per day. The most effective are vacuum, then belt, then loop.

Advantages: efficiency, minimal side effects, affordable price, improved libido, erection, permanent result.

Disadvantages: duration of use, inconvenience. The worse the expander, the more disadvantages and inconveniences.

2. Vacuum pump

The effect on the penis is through the negative pressure created around the penis. The corpora cavernosa and other tissues of the penis are stretched. Penis enlargement by 2-3 cm per year. The vacuum pump stretches the penis in volume and length. The result of penis enlargement is temporary if you do not train for a long time (more than 6 months), as enlargement occurs due to stretching of cells and intercellular space, with filling with fluid. A vacuum pump can be great for promoting penis growth and strengthening erections.

Advantages: excellent efficiency in a short time (2-4 hours). Overall quite good efficiency, affordable price, an added bonus - a strong erection.

Disadvantages: Excessive use may cause swelling.

3. Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery, the fastest way to lengthen the penis. The maximum result is from 0 to 1, 5 cm.

Few? You just need to call the Urology Research Institute (Urology Research Institute). They do not mislead customers, unlike interested private doctors, with whom the Internet is full.

4. Increase with massage

Manual method of penis enlargement. The method is based on milking the penis, stretching the supporting ligament of the penis, as well as slightly increasing the circumference of the penis. Massage can increase the penis by 1-3 cm in 1-2 years. The result is not the greatest, but it is happening. Penis enlargement with massage is similar to the effect of the pump and is mostly short-lived. As penis enlargement is due to stretching of the cells, increase in their volume. After a long break from training, the size of the penis returns to close to the original. This method of penis enlargement is more suitable for young men whose penis has not yet stopped. (12-16 years).

Advantages: availability, free, useful, pleasant.

Disadvantages: along with the penis, skin and foreskin grow strongly. In addition, the skin grows faster than the penis. The hairy pubic skin tightens as a result of milking and "runs" the shaft of the penis. A very ugly phenomenon that cannot be undone in the future.

5. Penis enlargement with pills

Penis enlargement with pills is one of the most ineffective ways to enlarge the penis.

Not all penis enlargement pills work as stated by the manufacturer! The only thing the pills can do is temporarily and presumably enlarge the penis, as the penis will be aroused and look bigger. All pills that are thought to affect the tissue of the penis are simply aphrodisiacs. These pills cause increased semen secretion and stimulate the prostate. With constant and prolonged use, they cause testicular cancer, prostate cancer. But that's not all. Such pills interfere with hormone levels, altering the natural hormonal balance. Increased obesity is possible after the end of the pill course. If there were penis enlargement pills, they would certainly be sold on our website.

Advantages: no.

Disadvantages: wind money, hospital liver.

6. Increase with cream, balm, ointments, gels

What is a cream, conditioner? This is a cosmetic product.

Cosmetics do not affect the body. The cream will not cause cell division.

Creams, ointments, cosmetics are designed to soften the skin, relieve irritation or protection from sunlight.

There are no benefits.

Hormonal ointments

Few people know, but testosterone derivatives do not increase the number of cells by division. Anabolic and steroid hormones increase cell diameter. By attracting water into it. This phenomenon is not long-lasting (for example, bodybuilders). After the end of the application there is a "rollback".

Benefits: hope to increase.

Of the safer steroids, there are prohormones, steroids that, when ingested, are converted to active anabolic steroids such as testosterone. But they also have no effect on the penis. Only for temporary erections.

The only drug that allows you to increase the number of cells in the tissue is STH - (growth hormone, growth hormone, and also growth hormone).

Growth hormone does not specifically affect the penis, it affects the whole body. Including internal organs. For a noticeable effect in the treatment of developmental delay. it is necessary to inject 1 ampoule every day for 3 months or more. Growth hormone is not fully understood and only works in conjunction with training.